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Coming from a mixed-culture background, I've always had a fascination with non-verbal aspects of human living, whether that be music, photography, or architecture. As the son of an Australian father and Chinese mother, I had the privilege of learning different ways of seeing the world from a young age.

My latest architectural work is a culmination of the most important lessons I've learnt in life. These range from realising my own character to discovering a sense of social responsibility. My four years studying at the University of Melbourne have propelled me further into the world of architecture and design, broadening my perspectives and enriching my understanding of the built environment's role in human civilisation.

Whilst my design abilities and technical skills have improved greatly, I find that the most pivotal takeaways from studios have not been necessarily skill-based. I loved exploring public architecture and reflecting on an architect's responsibility both ecologically and socially. Over time, my understanding of architecture, housing, and the more logistical sides of realising a project have evolved greatly.

Looking forward, I have decided to seek an architectural internship prior to continuing my studies at a masters level. For me, the value of experiential learning in a real world scenario will highly benefit my further education, as well as allow me to contribute to the current design world at an earlier stage.

I can't wait to engage with others in the field and discover the ways in which I will contribute. I am beyond thrilled to see my relationship with architecture blossom even more in the coming years.


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