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second skin

May 2023

Based on the Y-House designed by Steven Holl, this project began with a formal analysis on the pre-selected structure. Upon understanding more about the fenestration and solar properties, the task was to design a second skin screening element using parametric programming.

This process was developed in several stages, the longest being the testing phase where different aspects of the parametric code would be adjusted to output a variety of results.

After narrowing down the second skin to three main forms, the best was selected and then fabricated and assembled into a physical model as a proof of concept.

Y House Ass 1-05.png
Y House Ass 1-03.png
Y House Ass 1-04.png
Assigment 3 Joshua So 1109974-01.png
Assigment 3 Joshua So 1109974-02.png
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