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Studio Beta focuses on the development of a functional public recreational space, and a reimagining of what a 'park' or 'garden' could be. In my proposal, the structure takes on the separated cluster form to create the feeling of a small village of leisure spaces.

γ : three generation house

August 2021

With an increasing demand for housing and a growing desire for family connection, this contemporary townhouse was designed to be shared by three generations.

Based on a plot in Carlton, the house utilises its special corner locale to maximise the capture of natural light and ventilation. With two street fronts, there are two separate doors that imply a pair of semi-independent dwellings.

The house is designed to be flexible. When the children grow to have a family of their own, they may still occupy the front section of the house and a single wall can be built to convert the rear half to a secondary suite (grtanny flat).

LH floor plans-01.png




LH NS Section [Converted]-01.png
Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 11.16.34 AM.png
Ass 3.024.jpeg
Ass 3.003.jpeg
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